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General Terms and Conditions

1. Ownership
PT Bali Go Tours is the Operator for the www.baligotours.net (" site"). This site and  all modules in this site, with arrangement and compilation of the content that found on this site, is the copyrights of PT Bali Go Tours and or various supplier of third party and distributor which is licensed to operator.
2. Site Usage
Operator give a limitation, un exclusive,  un transferable,  un licensable and can be pulled again, to use this site as according to rule and conditions. You agree that you:
a. Only use this site to do a valid purchasing or ordering and will not use this site for something else, including without definition to make spurious reservation or ordering in anticipating request.
b. Will not use spurious e-mail address which delivered through this site. You agree will be in control of every damage that is caused of collision of copyrights trade or other exclusive rights or loss of usage of this site.

3. Registration
Consumer of this site have to make an account by registration and giving certain data as consideration of operator to permit you use this site. In registration and giving certain data, you guarantee that:
a. Information about yourself there is true and accurate, nowadays and complete such as those which qualify in registration form in site (registration data).
b. You will always innovate this registration data so that always be correct, complete and precise. If you give an information which is incorrect or incomplete, hence Operator have a reason to express that the information incorrect or incomplete. Operator is entitled to delay or terminate your account and refuse every and all accessing at the moment or later in usage of this site. Operator is irresponsible to the all danger or loss which is possible suffered, where the damage or loss which is caused of incomplete or inaccurate information which is given by you.
After registration. You will accept consumer identity and password. You  are accountable for taking care of password secret and consumer identity and you hold full responsibility to the all activities related with encoding or consumer identity. You can only use one consumer identity and password at one time and may not use many consumer identity or encode. You are asked to use password just for used by yourself and not allow the others to use your password. You agree to immediately advise to operator of illegal usage to the encoding or account or all form collision of security and ensure that you sign out from the account each time after using this site. Operator will not accountable for each loss or damage arising out of your failure to obey this rule

On-Line Procedure Transaction

4. Payment Methods
There are 2 (two) payment methods as below
You can choose of the two options below to settle your payment. Detailed instruction for selected payment method is available in the invoice or email we sent

1. Bank Transfer
Transfer are made to corporate Bank account as details:
Renon Branch,Denpasar
Acc Name : PT. Bali Go Tours
Acc No. : 019 769 1127 (USD)
Swift code : BNINIDJARNN

All costs related to the transaction have to be borne by you. Make sure to mention "Full Amount Guarantee" when you submit the transfer instruction.

2. Online payment.
a. Follow the link mentioned in our email or invoice to settle the payment online  through your credit card
b. Online payment will be processed in Indonesian Rupiah at a conversion rate informed in our invoice or email

Payment for the full amount is needed after you finish to conduct ordering, payment must be conducted through this website with credit card or Bank transfer. If you pay with Bank transfer so you have to send payment confirmation or contact operator customer service immediately after you have conducted payment. Otherwise, so your payment might not seen so that can result your postponement of confirmation process ordering. Hope to be noted your order is automatically cancelled if you have not yet conducted the payment or operator has not yet accepted payment confirmation during 2 hour after you conduct ordering for flight ticket and 24 hours for Hotel and Transport. Your order will be confirmed and valid e-ticket, hotel voucher or valid payment confirmation will only be released if payment of your credit card have succeeded confirmation or your Bank transfer payment have been accepted in operator account

Hope to be noted that terms and condition for the cancellation of purchasing and ordering will vary to every service and product. Relate to cancellation policy
Cancellation Policy
~ 30% of the full amount of the booking including tax and service for cancellation 45 days and more prior to arrival at local time.
~ 50% of the full amount of the booking including tax and service for cancellation 45 days until 10 days prior to arrival at local time
~ Full amount of the full amount of the booking including tax and service for cancellation less than 10 days prior to arrival at local time
~ No show, early check-out or any reduction period of stay will be charged 100% of total reservation value.

6. Privacy Statement
Your reservation is abolutely secure. All personal data is encrypted and will be processed in a secure way.
Bali Go Tours takes the privacy of your personal data very seriously. Your personal information will only be used to process your booking.

Privacy Policy
We highly value your trust in choosing Bali Go Tours for your online hotel reservation. Therefore, we will duly and diligently safeguard and protect the privacy and confidentiality of your personal details (including your credit card details).
This privacy policy applies to all of our services (whether accessed or made available online or through any other platform or device (hereafter collectively referred to as the "website")).

Information collection
When you make a reservation for a hotel (or any other type of accommodation), you will be asked to complete online forms providing for: your name, (home or office) address, (business or private) email address, (mobile, home or office) telephone number, credit card details (i.e. credit card type and number, CVC code, expiration date, credit card holder name) and to the extent available, reservation preferences and smoking preference. This information is required to process, book and complete your reservation (including the sending of a confirmation email of the booking to you).

Disclosure of personal details
For our services, we shall collect for the following purposes the following information:
Reservation orders: For the purposes of completing your booking and save for disclosures required by law, criminal investigations, subpoenas or court orders, we will only disclose your name, contact details and the credit card details to the relevant hotel with which a booking is made. However, please note that from time to time, we may use third party distributors which provide certain services and functions for and on our behalf. These third party distributors may have access to (part of your) personal information in order to perform their services and functions, but are subject to a confidentiality obligation pursuant to which they cannot use, share or disclose the information for any other purpose.

Protect and secure your credit card information
In order to protect and safeguard the personal data provided to us, we have implemented and use appropriate business systems and procedures. For example, your credit card information is transmitted to us through a secure server protocol, which encrypts all your personal and credit card details. The encryption method used is the industry standard "Secure Socket Layer" (SSL) technology. Our SSL certificate has been issued by VeriSign in 256 bit  with extended validation
Furthermore, we have implemented and use security procedures and technical and physical restrictions for accessing and using personal information. Only authorized employees are permitted to access personal information for performing their duties in respect of our services.
Our server and network are protected by firewalls against unauthorized access and we have intrusion detection systems that monitor and detect unauthorized (attempts to) access to or misuse of our servers.

7. Ordering and Purchasing of Online
 Contract for the product and service
Except expressed expressly at site, operator take steps as agent to supplier of third party and distributor for all services and product that is bought by you in this site. You can conduct ordering to or possible to conduct purchasing of service and product of online in this site. A contract for the sale and purchasing of service and product can be conducted by online in the electronic form in this site with your acceptance to service and product which is offered in this site by supplier of third party and or distributor and or is where expressed. Need to be noted that by showing your acceptance to buy service or product which is offered in this site, you are obliged to finish the transaction. You are accountable for checking that ordering and or purchasing which is contain with real correct information (including the date of, time and name) before continuing the payment phase. Operator and supplier of third party and distributor are entitled to rely on information which implied in your order and irresponsible for the all mistake in your order and or purchasing.

Journey Service Supplier of Third Party
 You are possible to tied up on terms and condition that is occurred by supplier of journey service to whom operator take steps as agent, including the condition of transportation, return and policy of cancellation of air transport, hotel, tour etc.
 Operator irresponsible for the all demand toward of unfulfilled, or dissatisfactory of service and product that is bought on behalf of you by operator of third party supplier service and distributor, but unlimited to, air transport firm, hotel, tour operator, company insurance, and other entities. When airline and other journey service supplier remove the passenger to other air transport or change the air transport schedule, for that operator is irresponsible of certain incident.

 You are comprehend that for ordering all services and product that is bought, require accomplishment of documentation and conditions, like publication of plane ticket and hotel voucher. Accomplishment of the conditions are conducted during normal office hours. Thereby for every ordering need minimum deadline as according to rule and condition of product type and service that is bought.
 Operator will not be irresponsible of all loss demand, compensation or damage for unfulfilled of a service or product among ordering time and departure time.

Passport, Visa and health information
 Always ascertain to hold passport at least six (6) months which is remaining. You are accountable for ascertain all equipments and truth of existing journey document require. Operator is entitled to refuse purchasing or ordering with any reason and irresponsible for the all demand resulting loss, damage or compensation.
Condition and special rule for the product of service 
 Product and certain service have themselves term and rule arranging and occurred beside condition and rule which have there. Necessary for you to get and read rule and condition occurred to certain service and product because possible contain demarcation exception of obligation term and other and condition, including change demarcation or cancellation

 All Price in this site are not including the tax added value (PPN), retribution, fetching expense in airport and expense of other all. You have to pay for the certain amount which is matching with most recently value of purchasing.
All prices which is presented for service and product can change and the price not final yet until full payment of service and product pertinent accepted. Ordering expense can be imposed for a few certain ordering type. You have to pay for Lease airport when needed. Some of air transport firm or journey service supplier can impose fuel surcharge which is not reflected in price and will be imposed for surcharge. For the journey service like plane ticket, hotel, car rental, tour package or cruise hence availability, price, condition of journey class and tariff can change unannounced at any times in front.

 Terms and condition, performance and all arising out dispute from or in its relation with conditions and this rule is set by law of Indonesia. You herewith agree and bow to jurisdiction of non-exclusive justice of Republic Of Indonesia in all arising out question and controversy from or in its relation with conditions and rule, performance and usage of this site.

 Additional rule and condition valid for ordering, purchasing of service and product and other exploiting from the part of this site, and you agree to obey other terms and conditions, including additional terms and condition that is occurred in its bearing with certain service and product.

It is advised that all travelers should purchase adequate travel insurance at the time of booking flights and/or tours.
 Operator is entitled to communicate with you about this site and you use this site for the product or service that is bought by you in this site. Copyrights © under license. PT. Bali Go Tours, Jl. Tunjung Sari No L7B, Denpasar Bali 80116, Indonesia All rights reserved.

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